Unified connection to all payment methods!

  • Online payments

    • Payment on the site
    • Payment in a mobile application
    • Online - box office
  • Offline payments

    • POS-terminal
    • self-service terminals
  • Payments for cards

    • Mass or individual payments to employees or executors


Paytocrypt complies with the current standards of international payment systems in terms of safe payments processing, maintaining data privacy, monitoring of payment transactions.

  • Tokeneization
  • 3DSecure and SecureCode
  • Protocol support HTTPS
  • Certification PSIDCC

We offer convenient services for your business

  • 01

    Payment in 1 click

    For repeated payments

  • 02


    Temporary freezing of funds in customer accounts.

  • 03

    Distribution of payments

    Partners, intermediaries and contractors.You can configure a fixed amount or in the form of a percent of the incoming amount.

  • 04

    QR payments

    For payment through SBP or Internet accovering.


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    Easy connection

    Without the help of developers and technical knowledge, simple registration in your personal account

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    Popular methods

    Bank cards, mobile wallets, offline terminals

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    Uninterrupted payments processing

    With processing in the largest banks

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    Super support

    At each stage of work with the platform

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    Clear commission

    With each successful operation, connection and maintenance - free


Frequently asked questions and answers

  • 1. How much does it cost to connect to Paytocrypt?

    Connection and use of all solutions and products of the PayTocrypt platform - free.We take the commission only with successful payments that you receive from your customers.The size of this commission depends on your turnover and already includes commissions of banks and payment systems VISA, MasterCard and Mir.

  • 2. If I have several sites, can I sign a single contract?

    The contract is concluded one, while you can independently add any sites in your personal account.

  • 3. Is it possible to accept international payments?

    Yes, through PayTocrypt you can receive payments from MasterCard and Visa cards, regardless of the currency and the country in which the card was issued.Thanks to partnerships with various banks, we can offer a high level of conversion on such payments.To connect the receipt of payments from abroad, contact our support team.